Love Rocks by SB Love is the jewelry that makes you feel good. They symbolize the new age of  luxury coveted by chic, glamorous women everywhere. Seen in New York, Los Angeles, and resort destinations like Aspen and St. Barths. Love Rocks  chic and hip designs are versatile enough to take you from the beach to a cocktail party.

Love Rocks are handmade from an array of gemstones, crystals, and natural materials that have hues, textures, and compositions that promote and accelerate the healing process. Each distincitive design will make you look and feel fabulous.

Every piece is uniquely handmade to reflect the spirit and identity of the wearer. You will never see two pieces exactly the same. Love Rocks can be worn long or short, as necklaces or bracelets. Love Rocks are made with magnetic claps to link pieces together to create entirely new and different looks.

Custom designs and special orders are always welcome; especially if you have any sentimental or broken jewelry that you would like to re-vamp into something new & special.